After taking another look at the film of Thursday night’s Ravens-Falcons preseason opener in slow motion, there was a mixture of good and bad that came from the quarter and a half that the starters spent on the field.

Ayanbadejo’s pick: Following Falcons CB Dominique Franks' punt return to Baltimore’s 15-yard line, linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo picked off a Matt Ryan pass and took it 40 yards the other way. At first glance you’re wondering, “What was Ryan thinking? He threw it exactly to the defender.” On a second look, slowed down, you understand what happened. 

Ayanbadejo dropped straight back but read Ryan’s eyes. Ryan was eyeing receiver Roddy White on a quick slant. Immediately, Ayanbadejo took two quick steps toward White as Ryan began his throwing motion. Ryan never saw Ayanbadejo coming and before he knew it, the veteran linebacker was running the other way. 

Julio Jones vs. Cary Williams: Much was made during the immediate reaction about Williams' play on Thursday. He was beat a couple of times when Falcons wideout Julio Jones lined up on his side of the field. On further review, Williams wasn’t in bad coverage. Jones just might be that good. 

On Atlanta’s first drive, Jones fought off a tough jam from Williams, pushing him back before gaining inside position to catch a slant pattern. This opened up more for Jones underneath as Williams was forced to back off Jones in coverage after that play. Later in the drive, Jones caught a 7-yard touchdown over Williams where he practically had to jump over him. The start wasn't ideal for Williams, sure, but it could be a sign that Fantasy football owners need to jump on Jones and draft the Atlanta receiver early. 

Gino and Bobbie still learning: Rookie center Gino Gradkowski had a couple of miscues, none bigger than missing a block during a toss sweep play to Ray Rice on Baltimore’s second drive. Gradkowski’s job was to take LB Stephen Nicholas, but he whiffed -- bad. Nicholas burst through the line and tackled Rice for a loss of 1 yard. 

While Gradkowski is learning the ropes as a rookie, veteran LG Bobbie Williams is still soaking up Baltimore’s terminology. During the Ravens’ fourth drive, Atlanta brought a stunt with defensive tackles Travian Robertson and Peria Jerry. Gradkowski engaged Robertson first, but Williams appeared confused, thinking Robertson was his assignment too. The stunt worked and Jerry came through an open gap. Atlanta also blitzed MLB Akeem Dent. Rice was forced to block Jerry, which left Dent free to sack QB Joe Flacco

Great route: TE Ed Dickson ran a superb route that left him open for his touchdown in the second quarter. Dickson hinted at an in route before faking a hard step right. Atlanta’s Dent bit on the fake, which allowed Dickson to run back to his left and toward the open seam. He stopped at the goal line and Flacco delivered a laser for the score. Dent couldn’t recover in time. 

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