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One of the major milestones of the NFL offseason kicks off next week with the NFL Combine from Indianapolis. While this is a time when clubs can get an up-close look at some of the top prospects, the Los Angeles Rams will not be one of them. The franchise will once again opt out of attending the combine, according to The Athletic

This isn't new for Sean McVay's team as the Rams have not attended the combine post-2020. However, it's particularly noteworthy this offseason because the Rams do possess a first-round draft pick, which has been a rarity in recent years. The last time the team made a first-round pick was in 2016 when Jared Goff was the first overall selection. This coming spring, the Rams are currently slotted with the No. 19 overall pick.  

As for why the team has decided against going to the combine, this latest report highlights a couple of factors. From an on-field standpoint, the Rams have not put much emphasis on certain drills routinely run at the combine like the 40-yard dash. What was once a key metric in the pre-draft process has now become a piece of information that doesn't carry much weight in the Rams front office.

"Does it matter whether (a receiver) runs a 4.48 or a 4.56? No," Rams director of draft management J.W. Jordan told The Athletic. "That's where you use tape, GPS, all the information and data you have on him. Does (the 40) really and truly matter? No."

L.A. puts more stock into how fast a player runs in live action, instead of merely running in a straight line, which can be dissected on film thanks to the GPS data. The team did this in 2017 when they scouted star wideout Cooper Kupp and tracked his GPS at the Senior Bowl. 

Meanwhile, the short interview process during the combine is another detractor for the Rams, which culminates in another year they'll be doing their draft homework from home.