It's a good thing Eli Manning didn't start against the Steelers on Friday, because if he had been on the field, he might not have survived the night. 

The Steelers racked up seven sacks during their 20-12 win over the Giants, and the most surprising part is that two of the sacks came from a rookie: T.J. Watt. 

In his NFL debut, J.J. Watt's younger brother took a page out of J.J.'s book and destroyed the opposing team's quarterback. Watt picked up his first sack within the first three minutes of the game, and then added a second sack later in the first quarter. 

J.J. just happened to be watching T.J.'s NFL debut, and let's just say the older Watt brother was pretty pumped to see his younger brother pick up a sack in his first game. After T.J.'s first sack, J.J. shot out the following tweet to his roughly 3.8 million followers. 

If you didn't get a chance to catch any highlights of the Steelers-Giants game, here's what that sack looked like. 

After T.J. racked up his second sack, J.J. retweeted the highlight so that everyone on Twitter could see his brother take down Giants quarterback Josh Johnson

For anyone who was having a hard time of keeping track of T.J.'s stats during the game, J.J. made sure to retweet the Steelers' Twitter account, which had a running tally of T.J.'s statistics.

T.J. ended the game with five tackles, two sacks and a batted pass. Not bad for a rookie. 

"I think just getting out there in general, having a play on (special) teams and then having the sack as I did, it calmed the nerves a little bit," Watt said after the game, via "At the same time I felt like I belong here. I came into this game with a certain amount of confidence because of the work I put in."

Steelers teammate Arthur Moats, who racked up three of his own sacks on Friday, was also impressed with Watt.  

"Phenomenal," Moats said of Watt, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "From time he's come in, OTAs and training camp, he hasn't been overwhelmed by any day. You saw it out here today; the first two pass rushes he gets, he gets sacks on and played a phenomenal game. He had a great start to his career and he's only going to get better."

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