Turns out, Steph Curry isn't human. There were rumors that he might not be from this planet, and those rumors were confirmed on Monday night. Curry came off the bench for the first time since 2012 to drop 40 points on a Portland Trail Blazers team helpless to do one single thing about it.

Curry is the type of transcendent talent that, when he takes the court, even professional athletes from other sports not only stop to point and gawk, but invariably, tweet about the incredulity in real time.


That was the death blow, one that left Blazers (and Seahawks owner) Paul Allen wondering what the hell just happened.

Taiwan Jones, too.


Bruce Irvin, who began his career in Seattle before signing with the Raiders this offseason, wasn't done. That's right, he went full Crying Jordan on his old boss.

This works for just about anywhere, really -- fast food or otherwise:

In related culinary news...

And just so we're clear, Curry ain't fast-foodin' it.

You know you've done something when Sir Charles can't talk.

So, there's no question, right? Curry is unquestionably the NBA's best player.

T.O. isn't wrong:

Also, how does this happen? What else was going on last night?

NFL players are in awe of Steph Curry's heroics. (USATSI)