Joe Burrow became the Cincinnati Bengals' starting quarterback in 2020, but if Jason Kelce had his way, Burrow would have made his impact on the city several years earlier. 

Kelce, the future Hall of Fame center and current co-host of the "New Heights" podcast with brother Travis Kelce, tried to recruit Burrow to his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, prior to Burrow transferring to LSU from Ohio State in 2018. 

"When Joe was transferring out of Ohio State, I sent him a text on behalf of Cincinnati, trying to lure him to the university," Kelce said, via WLWT. "Who knows what could have been. He could have been such a great player had he just come here, but unfortunately he went to LSU."

Kelce was obviously joking, as Burrow enjoyed a record-setting run at LSU that included a Heisman Trophy and a national championship win in 2020. Burrow's success with the Tigers ultimately led to him being the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft

The Bearcats also enjoyed success over that span. With Desmond Ridder at quarterback, Cincinnati went 11-2 in 2018 and 11-3 in 2019. Cincinnati finished both seasons with bowl wins and were ranked in the top-25. 

Kelce said that he typically doesn't get involved in recruiting, but he made an exception when it came to Burrow. 

"Luke (Fickell) was adamant that he could change the program," Kelce said. "I think both sides ended up winning out."

While he wasn't able to get Burrow to join the Bearcats' football team, he was able to get him on Cincinnati's campus as a guest on his podcast. 

"I think ever since then, Joe and I have been connected in some ways," Kelce said. "I'm honored that he's going to be here today. Looking forward to talking to him."