Debate continues to rage on in Philadelphia, where Eagles fans wonder aloud whether general manager Howie Roseman was right to use the team's second-round draft pick on quarterback Jalen Hurts, who would seemingly only play in the event Carson Wentz, the Eagles' 27-year-old $125 million starter, goes down with an injury. Roseman, however, has defended the decision by highlighting Philly's commitment to developing QBs, while a Monday report from NFL Network reiterates the notion Hurts will be far more than a traditional QB for the Eagles -- perhaps as soon as this season.

NFL Network's Mike Garafalo was adamant Monday that Hurts will have a role as a rookie, even though Roseman has explicitly said the Eagles are "married" to Wentz as their QB. Days after Yahoo Sports reported the team is planning potential dual-QB packages to feature Hurts like the New Orleans Saints' Taysom Hill, Garafolo floated even more ideas.

"I know we're talking about Taysom Hill, but Jalen Hurts will be in his own unique role," he reported. "He will be on the field, though, this upcoming season and, the Eagles hope, for the next four years as a guy who can contribute to the offense other than a quarterback. They're hopeful they won't need him as a quarterback, because that means Carson Wentz is healthy and on the field. Talking to one Eagles source, they said, 'This guy might be able to contribute as a straight running back, that's how good we think he is, that's what we think of his skill set.'"

If Hurts was drafted 53rd overall to be what amounts to a short-yardage running back, well, Eagles fans questioning Roseman's pick will simply have more ammunition. But as the GM has said, the Oklahoma product isn't just a gadget player, either. He's also a developmental QB, and thus some of the Eagles' most promising insurance for Wentz since Nick Foles served as the No. 2.

A more comparable comparison for the rookie might be ex-Eagles starter Michael Vick, who was used sparingly as a Wildcat-type QB in 2009, his first year with the team behind Donovan McNabb. Vick ultimately took over as the team's starter as an injury replacement for Kevin Kolb, but he began by splitting time as a backup and situational role player.