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Darius Slay is one of the NFL's best cornerbacks, yet has always envisioned getting an opportunity to make an impact on offense. That hasn't happened with the Philadelphia Eagles yet, even if Slay still wants to make his claim toward getting the football. 

With a new offensive coordinator and play-caller in Brian Johnson, Slay made his pitch in training camp this week. All Slay needed was an opportunity to state his case. 

For translation, Slay crashed Johnson's presser to tell him this: "Throw me at wide receiver. I'll be the greatest DB/receiver ever."

Slay has made a pitch to play him at wide receiver before. After Philadelphia's victory over the New York Giants in Week 14 last season, Slay vowed he'd get 1,500 yards if he played wide receiver with Jalen Hurts as his quarterback.

Slay wants the opportunity to catch the football and has been begging for the chance. He has just two offensive snaps in his career with no targets or catches. 

Johnson didn't rule out the possibility of Slay getting the ball this year, especially with all the defensive players asking him for the opportunity. 

"There's always Slay, there's always Fletch [Fletcher Cox]," Johnson said. "Defensively, I don't know. We've got some of these young guys, Jordan Davis, and I know Jalen Carter played some fullback at Georgia, too, so we'll see. 

"There are always some chances of some creativity."