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It's unclear if the NFL career of Isaiah Wilson has met its end, but it definitely has when it comes to the Miami Dolphins. The team is reportedly set to release the former first-round pick, per The Miami Herald, after never getting the chance to see him in their uniform in a regular season game. The Dolphins landed Wilson in a trade struck with the Tennessee Titans on March 17, who initially selected him with the 29th-overall pick in 2020, in exchange for a seventh-round pick. 

He was a Dolphin for three days.

Additionally, the fact Wilson was packaged with a Titans seventh-round pick to get him out of town hinted strongly at very obvious red flags that didn't suddenly dissolve once he landed on the shores of South Beach. It's reported Wilson refused the team's help in trying to get him back on-track for what might've been a promising NFL career, and a series of videos involving Wilson vaping and dancing shirtless on a car did nothing to help the matter.

Not one bit, although it appears the Dolphins had their mind made up prior to this public display.

The same things that gave the Titans fits regarding Wilson ultimately transferred to the Dolphins.

Once a coveted offensive lineman out of the University of Georgia, Wilson's fall from grace at the NFL level has been as rapid as it has been disconcerting. The former second-team All-SEC and USA Today High School All-American has played in just one NFL game since being drafted, and it's unclear if he'll make it to a second one, considering whomever eyes him next must make the decision of if he's worth investing dollars and resources toward -- seeing as the Titans and Dolphins have now both failed (and in short order) in being able to do so. 

In the end, it appears Wilson will have to make the decision he wants to improve himself before he can be taken seriously as a football player again, and one can only hope it happens for him soon.