Ferguson expects 'greatness' from the Jets this year. (US Presswire)

Rex Ryan's gone out of his way this offseason to avoid making guarantees. This is typically a good thing, but it's been a slow offseason for brash talk from the Jets about a season that hasn't happened yet.

Enter D'Brickashaw Ferguson. The Jets starting left tackle appeared on the Dave Dameshek Football Program (boy, are 'Shek and Adam Rank coaxing out some quotes lately) and said that the Jets "have greatness written all over us."

"We have an opportunity now to do something spectacular. We still have Shonn Greene, he's an excellent back. We have a great offensive line," Ferguson said. "We're going to do some nice things this year. The focus should be on what's gonna happen this year, and what's in our power to do.

"We have greatness written all over us. It's just a matter of time."

And it was really only a matter of time until someone on the Jets said something about the upcoming season that will be taken the wrong way and/or probably would've best been left unsaid.

It should be noted that Ferguson spent most of the podcast being what I'll call "casually confident" -- he didn't sound like he was trying to be too brash. But that statement's definitely going to come off that way, regardless of which way he was trying to spin it.

But it's not like he was afraid to "no comment" during the interview either: Ferguson wouldn't compare or contrast the respective throwing ability of Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez, nor would he comment as to who is more likely to go see "The Dark Knight Returns." So if he wanted to, he could've passed on propping up the Jets chances.

He also could've passed on talking about Rex Ryan's looks, with the news floating lately that Ryan's lost 100 pounds via lapband surgery.

"Rex looks good, man," Ferguson said. "He's living up to the name. Sexy Rexy. He's doing well. And everyone's real proud of him."

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