Tight end Jason Witten is expected to have a scan on his spleen injury on Tuesday before the Cowboys depart for New York. That will be the final test to see if Witten can play Wednesday in the season opener against the Giants.

The results of the scan seem to make this a rather black-and-white situation for Witten, who had limited participation in Sunday’s practice.

“If I get cleared, I’m playing,” Witten said on Sunday. “It’s the only way, I believe, you can approach the game. I think people know that’s the only way I’m playing. This is what you play for. It’s an opportunity, especially where we’re at and how much work we’ve put into this situation.”

But when asked if he was optimistic about playing, Witten didn’t sound as confident, mainly because it’s a situation that is out of his control.

“I wouldn’t say optimistic, just because as of right now, it’s been a tough challenge to get to that point,” Witten said. “So I wouldn’t say I was optimistic. Optimistic would be if it was in my hands and my control. So no, from that standpoint.”

Maybe Witten isn’t tipping his hand, but the team owner and the quarterback are rather hopeful.

“I think he’s going to play,” Tony Romo said. “That’s what I expect.”

As for owner Jerry Jones, he said Witten’s ability to practice the last two days are a good sign.

“Had he not been practicing well, had he not been feeling good, then that would have dictated probably doing that CAT scan,” Jones said. “But the way he’s doing right now, you probably do something like that. I do like the way he’s looked out there. I’m certainly optimistic about it. I know how bad he wants to play.”

Witten hasn’t missed a game since his rookie season in 2003 when he had a broken jaw.
The Cowboys claimed second-year tight Colin Cochart off waivers from the Bengals on Saturday just to have three available for the game.

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