While there might be a healthy debate for this year's NFL MVP, one thing seems certain: the Cowboys will likely play host to the winner, and the runner-up next season.

Both QB Peyton Manning and RB Adrian Peterson will be heading to Cowboys Stadium in 2013 as the Cowboys face the Broncos and Vikings among eight teams on their home schedule, which also features Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, the 2011 NFL MVP.

Overall, the Cowboys will play host to four current playoff teams, but will only travel to play one: the Redskins, who beat Dallas in the season finale to claim the NFC East title.

The Cowboys will travel to San Diego for the first time in eight years, although they have played the Chargers frequently in the preseason.

Cowboys 2013 schedule

Home: Philadelphia, NY Giants, Washington, St. Louis, Minnesota, Denver, Oakland, Green Bay

Away: Philadelphia, NY Giants, Washington, Chicago, New Orleans, Kansas City, San Diego, Detroit

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