Patrick Mahomes created a stir last summer when he completed a behind the back pass to wideout Skyy Moore during Chiefs training camp. Mahomes didn't attempt a similar throw during the actual 2023 season, but he's going to give it a try in 2024. 

"I think it was (because) we didn't play as well offensively enough for me to pull off the behind-the-back pass this last year," Mahomes said on "First Things First" on Wednesday. "It's no one else's fault other than myself because Coach (Andy) Reid wants me to throw it behind the back more than anyone in the world. He deliberately puts in plays that I have the opportunity to throw the ball behind the back. So, it's not it's not a coaching thing. It's me not having that confidence to do in in the game. 

"But one of these games, man, we got to do it. There's been too much hype on it. We got to do it. And hopefully it's to Travis (Kelce), because I feel like he's the best at judging the behind the back pass."

The fact that Andy Reid has devised plays that call for Mahomes to attempt a behind-the-back pass is nothing short of amazing. That shows not only the trust Reid has in Mahomes, but Mahomes' unique athleticism that has helped him become a two-time league and three-time Super Bowl MVP. 

Mahomes and the Chiefs will try to make history this year by becoming the first team since the 1965-67 Packers to win three consecutive NFL titles. That history-making run will apparently include a behind the back pass attempt from the NFL's best player.