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Chiefs coach Andy Reid is one of the smartest offensive minds in the NFL, and one reason he's been so successful is because he's been willing to look almost anywhere for new play ideas while also listening to nearly anyone.  

When we say that Reid will listen to nearly anyone for advice on a new play, we literally mean "nearly anyone." During a recent interview on the Green Light with Chris Long, the Chiefs coach revealed that he once used a play that was given to him by A JANITOR. 

"I took one from a janitor one time at Green Bay," Reid said. "He goes, 'I got this play for you.' And he kept telling me this over and over. Finally, I said, 'OK, here's a card. Draw up the play.' And he drew up the play, and I go, 'Dang, that's pretty good.'"

It's one thing for Reid to like the play, but it's another thing for him to use it in a game, but that's exactly what Reid did, and apparently, the play worked out perfectly. 

"We called the play just before halftime and it scored," Reid said. 

Someone might want to call that janitor and offer him an offensive coordinator job. 

It's not clear when this happened, but's Jeff Kerr thinks it came in a 1996 game against the Eagles. The Week 2 game fits the bill perfectly: Brett Favre threw a 20-yard touchdown strike to Robert Brooks and the score came just before halftime, as Reid noted (You can see the play here). The Packers were up 23-7 at the time of the play, so that definitely would have been the perfect time to use a play designed by a janitor. 

Even if that's not the exact play, it definitely happened in Green Bay, where Reid spent seven seasons. Reid was the tight ends coach from 1992-1996 before being promoted to quarterbacks coach/assistant head coach for his final two seasons with the Packers (1997-98). During his time there, he was on a coaching staff at one point that included Jon Gruden, Steve Mariucci and Mike Holmgren. 

Since becoming an NFL head coach in 1999, Reid has consistently shown that he's not afraid to use any idea if he thinks it might work. Remember, this is a guy who had his players go full "Ring around the Rosie" during a game against the Raiders last season. 

Based on Reid's willingness to take plays from anyone and anywhere, we might see some more wild plays this year, especially if the Chiefs have any creative janitors on staff right now.