Bengals spent the offseason collecting first-round cornerbacks. On top of Leon Hall, Adam Jones and Nate Clements came new additions Dre Kirkpatrick, Jason Allen and Terence Newman.

Brandon Ghee continues to steal the show.

Andy Dalton.

Three days of quality practices an NFL cornerback does not make, but these appear to be the first glimpse at what his teammates have noticed for months.

I think Brandon had the best offseason of the corners for sure,” CB Leon Hall said. “He’s been scratching the surface. He’s always had the talent but it’s been putting it together. He’s been in position to make the plays but now he is making them.”

Perhaps play-making comes as a product of health. Ghee spent the last two seasons suffering ill-timed injuries during camp and never earned the opportunity to replace potential with production. He has been active for 13 games in two seasons, but rarely touched the field.

I've been banged up the past two years and now I am 100 percent healthy,” he said. “This is the healthiest I have ever been as far as the NFL goes.”

Health reaches from body to mind. Fighting six first-round picks breeds motivation, but Ghee didn't need any. He took on all the motivation he needed nearly one year ago when he was surprisingly cut prior to the season. He passed waivers and landed on the practice squad, but the invincibility of being a third-round pick living off his potential in year two evaporated.

The day I got cut is the day I changed my life, to be honest with you,” Ghee said. “I never want to go back to that and I'll keep pushing and try to make the team and get more playing time.”

On the task of making the team, the question remains how exactly will Ghee pull that off?

The cast of veterans loom, one of which likely won't make the team himself. Ghee owns practice squad eligibility, but attempting to stash him there would jeopardize the Bengals losing him on the waiver wire. Of course, if his offseason and early camp continues on the current pace, Ghee could force the Bengals hand and make an already difficult decision for Marvin Lewis a complete nightmare.

Five of the big six corners didn't participate Sunday and two (Clements, Kirkpatrick) aren't expected back immediately. To be sure, the time to make an impression is now and Ghee looks be taking full advantage. 

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