Denver Broncos

When the NFLPA report cards were released last week, there were definitely some very interesting complaints. For instance, the Washington Commanders were given the worst overall grade and part of that was because players complained about the fact that there were multiple sewage leaks in the team locker room. 

That seems like a valid complaint. 

Although that's definitely not a good look for the Commanders, the award for craziest complaint probably goes to a claim that was made against the Denver Broncos. In the team's report card, one player said he was unhappy with the Broncos because he had "multiple cars stolen from the parking lot of the mandated team hotel during training camp."

Sewage leaks are bad, but having your car stolen is arguably worse. 

So did this actually happen? According to, the answer is yes, but some of the blame might fall on the player here. 

The car theft took place during training camp when all the players were staying at a team-mandated hotel (as noted in the complaint). The player had two trucks parked in a secured lot at the hotel and he left his key fob in one of the trucks. Someone got a hold of that key fob, which contained a fob for both of his trucks. At that point, the person was able to gain entry to both vehicles and drive off with them. 

So yes, the cars were stolen from a secured lot, but since the thief had the keys to the car, nothing looked suspicious when they drove off. 

The NFLPA survey is filled out anonymously, so it's not clear who this happened to, but 9News did note that the player is no longer with the team. The moral of the story here is that you should never leave your keys in a parked car. 

The NFLPA released its annual survey on Feb. 28 and in the survey, players were asked to grade the working conditions of their current team. The NFLPA had 1,706 players rate how their team handles 11 specific categories, including: treatment of families, food/cafeteria, nutritionist/dietician, locker room, training room, training staff, weight room, strength coach, team travel, head coach, ownership. 

The Dolphins finished with the highest overall grade while the Commanders were at the bottom in dead last. As for the Broncos, they finished right in the middle of the pack at 16th overall.