Buffalo Bills tackle Dion Dawkins does not like the New York Jets. Ask him, and he'll openly tell you. 

"I'm not a fan, man -- I'm not a fan of the Jets," Dawkins said after Buffalo's blowout win over New York on Sunday, according to ESPN. "Very disrespectful players. It's what it is, and when we can run and pass and beat a team like that, cool. Thumbs up."

Dawkins and Jets defensive lineman Michael Clemons got into a spat toward the end of the game, with Dawkins continuing to block Clemons after the whistle and taking him to the ground, and a fracas ensued. Dawkins was flagged for unnecessary roughness on the play. 

The altercation continued postgame, with Clemons following Dawkins up into the locker room tunnel and the pair having to be kept away from each other by several players and staffers.

Dawkins was asked why he thought the Jets were frustrated. 

"It's probably anger," Dawkins said. "A little bit of, a lotta bit of emotions. Like, there's a lot of emotional guys over there, very emotional guys. Even their D-line coach -- very emotional, unmanly. So, very emotional guy."

Clemons' teammates, meanwhile, stood in his corner. "I don't even know what happened, but Clemons was real mad about something," cornerback D.J. Reed told ESPN. "I'm sure that the player did something to him that provoked him."

Buffalo's victory vaulted the Bills back into the playoff mix while delivering a significant blow to New York's, and combined with the level of physicality and the score, it's not surprising that emotions spilled over here. This was the second time these two teams played this season, so we almost surely will not see them square off again until next year.