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The San Francisco 49ers' offense is special. One of the reasons it's so special is because anyone can score at pretty much any time. Nobody exemplifies that more than Deebo Samuel, who is one of the most uniquely talented players in the league. 

Over his last three games, Samuel is on an absurd run. He has scored seven touchdowns during that span -- two on the ground and five through the air. And he's done it on only 20 (TWENTY) touches. Seriously:

  • -4-yard run vs Eagles
  • 13-yard catch vs Eagles
  • 9-yard catch vs Eagles
  • 14-yard run vs Eagles
  • 12-yard run vs Eagles (TD)
  • 48-yard catch vs Eagles (TD)
  • 46-yard catch vs Eagles (TD)
  • 8-yard catch vs Seahawks
  • 7-yard catch vs Seahawks
  • 54-yard catch vs Seahawks (TD)
  • 25-yard catch vs Seahawks
  • 13-yard catch vs Seahawks
  • 1-yard run vs Seahawks (TD)
  • 30-yard catch vs Seahawks
  • 12-yard catch vs Seahawks
  • 11-yard catch vs Cardinals
  • 12-yard catch vs Cardinals (TD)
  • 6-yard catch vs Cardinals
  • 11-yard run vs Cardinals
  • 19-yard catch vs Cardinals (TD)

It's an astonishing run, one of the rarest accomplishments for a player at his position. Among wide receivers or tight ends, only Jerry Rice, Drew Bennett, and Doug Baldwin have ever scored more often in a three-game span. Each of them had an eight-touchdown run across three games at least once in their career. Several other players have also had seven-TD runs in three games. 

(In the table below, a star indicates an overlapping streak.) 

Doug Baldwin2015*8
Drew Bennett20048
Jerry Rice1987*, 19938
Doug Baldwin2015*7
Terrell Owens20077
Randy Moss19987
Carl Pickens19967
Sterling Sharpe19947
Jerry Rice1986, 1987*, 19907
Jimmie Giles19857
Roy Green19837
Wes Chandler19827
Harold Jackson19737

Samuel now has 11 touchdowns on just 81 total touches this season. It's an even higher rate than when he scored 14 times on 136 touches two years ago. He's an incredible player doing incredible things, seemingly every week.