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The 2024 NFL Draft has been one for the history books.

The event saw multiple records set when it comes to draft picks, with the most quarterbacks taken in the top-eight picks (four), the most taken inside the top 10 (five) and tying the record for most quarterbacks taken in the first round (six). We also saw the longest streak of picks without a quarterback coming off the board, between Bo Nix going 12th overall to the Denver Broncos and Spencer Rattler going to the New Orleans Saints at No. 150.

The players and teams were not the only ones setting records -- the fans also made their mark this year.

More than 700,000 NFL fanatics were in attendance in Detroit over the three-day event to see who their favorite teams would be adding to the squad, setting a new record. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer made the attendance record announcement on Saturday, the third and final day of the draft. 

The first day of the draft had 275,000 people and the total number reached 550,000 by the second day, setting a record for Day 1 and  Day 2 attendance previously set by Nashville in 2019. Before this year, the total attendance record was also set by Nashville, when 600,000 fans headed to Music City to cheer on their favorite franchises.

The NFL Draft was a free event, but with that many fans in the city, they are expected to generate over $160 million in economic impact, according to the Associated Press.

The draft long took place in New York City, but it began giving bids to other cities in 2015. Since then, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Nashville, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Kansas City and Detroit have held the three-day event. Green Bay is set to host the 2025 NFL Draft.