Nebraska v Illinois
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The NFL Combine is a great opportunity for front offices, reporters and fans alike to get to know draft prospects. Every year we are exposed to some interesting opinions. For example, Texas Tech defensive back Tyler Owens doesn't believe in other planets. We also found a prospect this week who doesn't believe in birds.

Illinois tight end Tip Reiman told reporters on Thursday that he is a member of the "Birds aren't real" movement, per Owen Riese. Birds are not simply creatures found in nature, but perhaps devices that serve a darker purpose.

"Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?" Reiman asked. "How do we know that power lines aren't pigeon recharging stations?"

Whether Reiman is being satirical or not, some theorize that birds are actually drones that operate as spies for the government. 

Reiman tied a career high with 19 receptions for 203 yards and three touchdowns in 2023. In 38 career games played for the Fighting Illini, he caught 41 passes for 420 yards and five touchdowns. Reiman is CBS Sports' No. 14 tight end in this class.