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Super Bowl LVI is just days away, and before the game starts in Los Angeles, country singer Mickey Guyton is set to perform the National Anthem -- a huge honor for any recording artist. She will join the likes of Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Faith Hill, Luther Vandross and Demi Lovato last year as some of the stars and legends who have performed the anthem ahead of the Super Bowl.

And while it's a great honor and a tribute to her unmistakable talent, it's also a daunting and intimidating challenge. Guyton has to stare down the pressure that comes with singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at one of the biggest events of the year, and that doesn't always work out well -- just ask the likes of Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and others who failed to deliver their best performances.

Will Guyton etch her name in Super Bowl lore among the great Super Bowl national anthems of all-time? We'll find that out on Feb. 13, but until then, lets take a look back at the 10 best anthems in Super Bowl history including looking back 30 years on one of the most famous renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner in American history. 

10. Luther Vandross

Vandross had anthem duties for the 1997 Super Bowl in New Orleans and he delivered the velvety, soulful performance that you'd expect. He's just about the only guy who can make "The Star-Spangled Banner" sound like a love song and get away with it.

9. Beyonce

Nearly a decade before she got halftime honors, Beyonce opened the 2004 Super Bowl in her hometown of Houston. (She was offered the halftime show but elected to sing the anthem.) She made her city proud with this rendition.

8. Natalie Cole

Cole took a chance with this ambitious and unique gospel-infused rendition of the anthem -- and it wasn't perfect -- but she finished huge and left the Georgia Dome with chills in 1994.

7. Dixie Chicks

It's not every day you get to hear a three-part harmonization for the anthem. This performance isn't as big and bold as many of the others on the list, but they didn't need to overdo it with how incredible they sounded together. They managed to be deliver an iconic performance without showing off. 

6. Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson played it pretty much right down the middle with her anthem in 2012 but her amazing voice carries her into the top 10 here. Just an effortless and near-flawless performance of what most people think the anthem is supposed to sound like.

5. Faith Hill

Hill went with a relatively simple backing for her performance at the Georgia Dome in 2000, letting her incredible voice soak up the spotlight. It was a powerhouse performance with an incredibly strong finish. She's certainly someone who knows how to get us pumped up for football.

4. Lady Gaga

While many associate Gaga with her over-the-top outfits and pop hits, she toned it down for her national anthem performance while still putting her elite pipes on display. If people didn't know she could belt out a tune like this, she used sports' biggest stage to put them on notice. 

3. Joint Forces 

In 2005, the NFL decided to forego a big-name musician for the anthem duties. Instead, they went with a joint effort from the choirs of the U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, U.S. Coast Guard Academy and the U.S. Army Herald Trumpets. It was simple and it was beautiful. 

2. Jennifer Hudson

Hudson took the stage in 2009 turned in an absolutely stunning performance from start to finish. Her powerful voice nailed every note and brought a goosebumps-inducing finish. It was undoubtedly one of the best anthems to ever be heard at the Super Bowl. 

1. Whitney Houston

As far as national anthem performances go, few can top this one by Whitney from the Super Bowl in 1991. She was so incredibly talented that it barely looked like she was even trying and still managed to deliver an awe-inspiring performance. And that's why she's Whitney.