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Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr recently expressed his disdain for the Phoenix Suns' in-arena music. The Suns' DJ took those words to heart and created a remix of Kerr's critical words.

Following the Warriors' 123-115 loss in Phoenix last month, Kerr complained that the "techno club music" in the Footprint Center made communication difficult. As unhappy as Kerr was, the Suns' DJ was apparently thrilled to have some inspiration for a new track.

During Phoenix's game against the Sacramento Kings on Friday, the DJ fired up a remix of Kerr's harsh words to entertain the crowd.

Kerr probably won't be any more fond of playing in the Footprint Center after that. Then again, it might be hard for him to get more frustrated than he was the last time the Warriors visited.

"Although, in this building, you can't hear anything because it's like a club," Kerr said. "It's like a South Beach club out there. What are we doing? I'm being dead serious. I couldn't hear anything. It's thumping techno club music. Can we just have a basketball game anymore? What the hell?"

Unfortunately for the Suns, the DJ's trolling of Kerr was one of the highlights of the night. The Kings walked away with a 114-106 win as Kevin Durant was sidelined with an ankle injury.