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Chris Paul was ejected from the Golden State Warriors loss to the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday by Scott Foster in the latest incident in the long-running feud between the veteran point guard and referee. After the game, Paul said he had a "personal" problem with Foster related to something involving his son, though he would divulge no further details. 

Paul was not the only one to have an issue with Foster on the night. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr received a technical foul during the game for complaining about Paul's ejection, while Steph Curry had a conversation of his own with Foster in the aftermath. Following the game, Curry shared his thoughts on the matter. 

"I mean, I think we were down double digits already. We obviously need [Chris Paul] and his leadership and the way he manages the game," Curry said. "I don't like and appreciate -- I know there is history and all that, I know [Paul] talked about it, but when both the player and the ref engage in conversation, that has to kind of stay there. I told Scott [Foster] that after he ejected him.

"It's like, there are certain situations where players overstep. That happens a lot. There's times you kind of know you have to back off, but when both are engaging, I don't like that. That's the part that messed with me the most watching it. Just like two guys talking, speaking their truths. Let's just play basketball."

Foster is one of the league's longest-serving referees, having started his career in 1994. Over nearly two decades, he has officiated 123 Warriors games, and the team is 60-63 in those contests, per Basketball Reference. But while there isn't an issue between Foster and the Warriors, there is one between Foster and Paul. 

"It's personal," Paul said on Wednesday. "We had a situation some years ago, and it's personal. The league knows, everybody knows, and it's been a meeting and all that. It's a situation with my son and so, yeah. I'm OK with a ref talking, saying whatever, just don't use a tech to get your point across. I gotta do a better job making sure I stay on the floor for my teammates. But, yeah, that's that.

Yeah. They know what it is, he know what it is too. I had a meeting with him, my dad, Doc Rivers, Bob Delaney and all that. [When I was with] the Clippers. It was a whole thing, man. It's been a thing for a while. I ain't saying nothing to get fined. It is what it is at this point."

All-time, Paul is 2-17 in playoff games officiated by Foster, including a 13-game losing streak at one point.