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NBA commissioner Adam Silver stated he will "take responsibility" for the lack of interest in recent NBA All-Star Games. Silver came to that conclusion after recently speaking with Golden State Warriors guard Chris Paul.

Paul revealed that all of the pre-game and halftime distractions of the All-Star Game can interfere with players' traditional game-day routines.

"You guys tell us how important the All-Star Game is but then you change all our pre-game protocols so that we don't go through our typical routines as we would before a game because you have these elaborate introductions," Silver, paraphrasing Paul, told Andscape's Marc J. Spears. "No complaint about the introductions. We understand why you do it, but then you expect us then to go out and be in the mindset that we're playing a typical basketball game."

According to Silver, Paul said the halftime being longer also contributed to the All-Star Game's appeal.

"So that's why I say, I'll take responsibility for that," Silver said. "We're sending mixed signals. And if we want guys to treat this like a real game, and again, this is not about Finals intensity, it's just a fun game. But if we want players to treat it that way, we have to treat it that way. And so, it means that the introduction is going to have to be a little bit shorter and halftime's going to have to be a little bit more typical, starting in Indianapolis."

The 2024 NBA All-Star Game is scheduled to take place Feb. 18 at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, the home of the Indiana Pacers. Silver expects a more traditional game experience this time around.

In October, the league announced the 2024 All-Star Game will return to the Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference format. The top voted players from both conferences won't serve as captains or draft players.

While the Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference format will return in 2024, Silver also revealed the 2025 All-Star Game could pit United States players against international players.

"I know we're busy already planning for new excitement, thinking about what All-Star 2025 will be," Silver said. "People are out there talking about concepts like a Ryder Cup format -- maybe U.S. players playing against global players. We're looking at all different approaches to All Star -- stay tuned."

The NBA is always evolving, and Silver is looking to make the All-Star Game the best it can be.