UFC fighter Michel Pereira is attempting to do his part to help flood victims in his native country of Brazil.

In the past week, there has been heavy rainfall in Rio Grande do Sul and. More than 100 people have died and over 160,000 people have been forced to find shelter due to the damage.

In videos on social media, Pereira has been traveling to areas affected by the floods, helping residents and rescuing stranded animals from the flood waters. 

"Another day of battle around here," Pereira posted on Instagram Wednesday.  "Today, there were more than 15 animals saved from this immensity of water. The scenes I'm seeing are heartbreaking even the roughest like me, but I follow my purpose of helping those who need it most. We are one people. We are Brazilians."

Pereira, who is fresh off of a first-round submission victory at UFC 301, is also seeking donations to support the rescue efforts throughout Brazil. The middleweight fighter is also planning to give away his jacket and Octagon-worn glove from UFC 301.

The floods have hit Rio Grande do Sul, roughly 900 miles away from Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian capital, Porto Alegre has also suffered the deepest flood waters, and residents don't currently have electricity or clean water.

More rain is expected in the forecast in the upcoming days, which could mean more flooding could take place throughout Brazil.