The Philadelphia Phillies dominated the Arizona Diamondbacks 10-0 to win Game 2 of the National League Championship Series. The Phillies ended up blasting three home runs in the blowout victory, but that wasn't the only thing that got blasted at Citizens Bank Park.

Shortly after Game 2 concluded, a fan decided to celebrate the Phillies' win by running onto the field. The fan ended up running toward members of the Phillies' bullpen, who were making their way to the dugout. That fan got absolutely destroyed on a tackle by a member of the stadium's security staff.

The Phillies bullpen had some fun with it, and one player even fell on the ground laughing due to the whole ordeal. It's hard to blame them for getting pumped up about it since the security absolutely laid out the fan.

"Last out of the game happens and there's so turning back," the fan, whose name is Brian, told Crossing Broad. "I had one foot over the wall man, and I went for it. So my goal was to try to make it onto the other side of the field and then get back in the stands. Unfortunately, the next thing I know, I got hit by a bus."

The fan said he lost two teeth and was brought to the Philadelphia police station following the incident. He added that he received a lifetime ban from the Phillies, his second in as many years. The fan used a friend's tickets so that no one at Citizens Bank Park would catch him trying to enter the stadium.

"100% would do it again in a heartbeat," the fan said, adding that he plans to return for the World Series.

The massive hit capped off a night in which the Phillies jumped all over the Diamondbacks early on. Phillies star shortstop Trea Turner started off the game with a massive solo home run in the first inning. Teammate Kyle Schwarber also connected on a pair of solo home runs as part of an offensive explosion.