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What do you do after winning three World Series, five Silver Slugger Awards, a Gold Glove Award and an NL batting title? You go back to college to finish your degree. At least that's what legendary San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey is doing.

Posey, 36, retired in 2021 and is going to finish his Florida State degree, according to the Associated Press. Posey played college baseball with the Seminoles but left school after the Giants drafted him at No. 5 overall in 2008.

In his first stint as a Florida State student, Posey was a finance major, but to finish his degree remotely, he will be switching to social sciences.

Speaking with the AP, Posey said he wanted to show his kids that it's important to finish what you start. On top of that, his wife will no longer have something to hold over his head.

"I think some of it is as simple as finishing it, finishing what you've started," Posey said. "Also, I do think from a parental standpoint, it'll be a good lesson for my own kids to say, 'All right, dad doesn't really need to do it but he's doing it anyway because he thinks it's the right thing to do.' So those are just a couple of reasons -- and it'll be nice to have a degree. My wife won't be able to say she's the only college graduate anymore."

Posey admitted that it has been "15 years" since he did any kind of schoolwork, but that should be a walk in the park compared to facing down Cliff Lee in the World Series.

Posey spent 12 seasons with the Giants and became one of the greatest players in franchise history. In 1,371 career games, Posey hit .302 with 158 home runs and 729 RBIs. He also led the Giants to World Series titles in 2010, 2012 and 2014.