It's been way too long since I've done a Dynasty mailbag. While I'll try to do this more often in the future, I also want to tell you that part of the reason is that we are producing more Dynasty coverage than we ever have.

One of the biggest improvements we've made to our Dynasty coverage is that we've doubled the number of Fantasy Football Today Dynasty podcasts to two per week. Most recently I had Matt Waldman on to talk about how the 2024 NFL Draft impacted his feelings about Michael Penix Jr., Rome Odunze, Brock Bowers, and others. He also answered some of your questions at the end of the show, check it out:

Now let's get to your questions:

New Players

Welcome to the party! We are so happy you are here. I have a few thoughts. 

First, if it is a Superflex of tow-QB league then it is almost impossible to overvalue quarterbacks. They are a great trade tool and the most important position in the league. If it's not a Superflex league, then wide receiver becomes the most important position, though the gap isn't as big between them and other positions. 

Second, choose a path, or know your team, depending on where you are in the process. For me, I prefer to be a top-four team or a bottom-four team. I am constantly evaluating where I am in the process and making decisions based on that information. For rebuilders, picks and wide receivers become even more valuable. I don't really even want to roster a running back in a rebuild. On the flip side, contenders should be willing to pay more for established studs. One caveat, I choose this strategy because I actually enjoy rebuilds. If you do not, you may want to play it more safe. 

Third, specifically for the start-up draft, don't be afraid to trade back for future rookie picks if your league allows it. Future rookie picks are one of the safest assets to possess early in a Dynasty. 

Finally, read the rest of this mailbag.

Deep Enough at Running Back?

This question leads to one of my other guiding principles for Dynasty leagues, you can always add running backs later. Do I think that is enough running backs to win the league? Probably not. Do I think it's enough for September and October? It is if you are actually a true contender. 

The point I'm making is that I like to build my teams around QBs and pass catchers and acquire running backs as late in the process as I can. When you get to November you can start looking for teams who are below .500 and rostering veteran running backs. Then you can make the trade for back depth. One real risk of trading for a running back now is that you need him to stay healthy for 17 weeks. If you trade for him in November you can cut that in half. 

I can hear the next question from some of you: "What if I miss the playoffs because I didn't have a good RB2? My answer is that you weren't a true contender in the first place if your RB2 is costing you enough games to miss the playoffs.

Too Many Quarterbacks?

As I said above, I don't believe you can have too many QBs, but Jon is testing me here. That would give you four of my four of my top 10 quarterbacks, which does seem a little bit much, even in a 10-team league. If Marvin Harrison Jr. goes 1.01 (I bet he doesn't) I would be shopping 1.02, but only for a huge haul. Here's an example of a couple of deals I would pursue, depending on what you need:

1.02 for 1.04 and a 2025 1st.
1.02 for Jahmyr Gibbs or Puka Nacua straight up
1.02 for Garrett Wilson and Zach Charbonnet
1.02 for Jonathan Taylor and Diontae Johnson
1.02 for Sam LaPorta and Deebo Samuel

If you can't get a deal done like those above or better, then I would take Williams and see if I could move Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, or Anthony Richardson for even more. Worst case scenario, I would carry those four quarterbacks into the season, start Mahomes and Jackson every week, put Richardson and Williams on the waiver wire, and wait for someone to make me a fair offer.

2025 Rookie Class

I'll tell you the truth, I have no idea. I don't think most people do. Players will emerge and fall off the radar in the next 9 months. What I can tell you is that the general perception is that next year's class is weaker, especially at wide receiver and quarterback, but probably better at running back. I can also tell you those perceptions will change too. 

To answer the second question, I would definitely trade Keon Coleman for a mystery box Round 1 pick in Superflex. I believe your risk is very low and the upside is immense. Make the deal.

Some Quick Emails

From Steve:

1.02 in a dynasty startup. Caleb too early?  If can't trade back he won't be there at end of round 2. 

Yes, I believe 1.02 is definitely too early for Caleb Williams, even in Superflex. Also, no I don't think Caleb will be there at 2.11 in a Superflex start-up. If you want to trade down to the end of the first round, you should be able to draft Caleb and pick up a bunch of extra draft capital.

From Kipp:

How to convert to a super flex?  Is it possible?  

I'd like to convert the dynasty league I commish.  

My idea.  Is it too much? 

2024 flex added (WR/RB/TE).  Give the league a year to prepare.  2025 each team can only keep two QBs.  Encourage trades through 2024.  

In the 2025 draft hold out QBs.  Normal reverse order of standings draft.  Then do an auction draft for rookie and free agent QBs.  Adjust owners auction budget according to the strength of their two QBs.  


Yeah, I think you're trying too hard Kipp, which is exactly what Dynasty commissioners should be doing. I have not found a way to do this that I find equitable. I almost think you have to do an entirely new draft. Maybe you could just force all quarterbacks into a pool and do a QB-only auction, but I'm not sure the managers with Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are going to agree. Which leads me to the main point, you need to have 100% of the managers on board to make this change. I don't believe you can find a way to do it that pleases everyone, but please let me know if you do. My best idea? Start a second league!

From James:

Hi, I'm the owner of Cristian McCaffery and Devonte Adams in our dynasty league. I'm trying to trade them before they fall off a cliff. What is fair compensation for them in rookie draft picks. Thank you.

In a Superflex league, I have McCaffrey worth slightly less than the 2024 1.03 (Jayden Daniels. In a one-QB league I have him worth slightly more than the 1.02 (Malik Nabers) but if I was rebuilding I would happily trade McCaffrey for that pick. Adams is worth a 2024 2nd, though I would push for a 2025 1st before accepting that. I just wouldn't expect to get it.