Clemson’s coaches and players rave about the potential for Albert Huggins to become a star. Soon, we’ll all know his name for defensive line play as one of the best in the ACC. Today, we know him for eating Sour Patch Kids in his sleep. 

Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware took fans behind the scenes with the Tigers as the point of view for a prank video, putting Sour Patch Kids candy in the open mouths of teammates while they were asleep on the team bus. A few players fall victim to an unwanted candy feeding but no one put on a better performance than Huggins.

Boulware put more than a handful of Sour Patch Kids in Huggins’ mouth before he chewed them up and swallowed, never waking from his slumber. 


Huggins does not Tweet often, but he did post a complaint that Boulware’s video went viral without any credit for its star. So thank you, Al, for making our week a little better.