College football fans are a reactionary bunch. It's hard not to be in a season where a loss can sink your chances of making the four-team College Football Playoff. With that in mind, Florida State fans can be forgiven for being a little shaken after Willie Taggart's first game with the Seminoles ended in a 24-3 blowout against conference foes Virginia Tech.

Even with the departure of Jimbo Fisher, who joined Texas A&M after accumulating an 83-23 record with the Seminoles, Florida State had high expectations heading into this season. The team was ranked No. 19 in the country, a spot ahead of its Monday-night opponent Virginia Tech, and quarterback Deondre Francois entered the season as a redshirt junior with experience that should have, in theory, eased the team's transition into the Taggart era. Instead, he ended up with three interceptions in the decisive loss.

On Monday's "Off the Bench" podcast, Danny Kanell and Raja Bell talked about Taggart's debut and the Seminoles' loss. Kanell, who spent four seasons with Florida State, acknowledged that while FSU fans are likely panicking, the time is now to "breathe" and try to keep it together after a tough Week 1 against a good conference opponent.

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