South Carolina linebacker Skai Moore and wide receiver Deebo Samuel have been cleared from any involvement in a recent bar fight, according to the Associated Press. 

Moore and Samuel were accused, along with former South Carolina football player Jalen Dread, of an assault outside a Columbia bar. According to the State, the players were identified by bar staff and reportedly captured on video striking a man. 

The victim, a 24-year old described by a family member as a former Marine, told officers who arrived on the scene he confronted the players after they "knocked his phone out of his hand inside the bar." 

According to the AP, the Columbia Police Department "determined that while Moore was at the bar, he was not involved in the fight." and while Samuel was in the area, "he was not at the bar during the time of the assault." Police are reportedly still looking for Jalen Dread, who has decided to transfer out of the program.