Mississippi State linebacker Leo Lewis has been arrested and charged for disorderly conduct following an incident early Friday morning, WTVA is reporting. Per a police report, Lewis was booked into Oktibbeha County jail and later released on $483 bond for attempting to go the wrong direction in a crowd of people that was being dispersed by police. 

A new release from the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Department says deputies were called a Aspen Heights Apartments because a large crowd of people and cars were blocking streets.

Deputies attempting to clear the streets directed traffic to exit.

The release says Lewis attempted to push through traffic in the wrong direction and was arrested after several attempts to get him to turn around. 

Lewis had 46 tackles last season and was the team's second-leading tackler in 2016. He was also a key part of the NCAA case involving Ole Miss since he was heavily recruited by both programs. Lewis was referred to as "student athlete 39" in the NCAA's notice of allegations against Ole Miss and became one of the association's key witnesses in the case. Lewis even testified before the Committee on Infractions in September. One of the major allegations made by Lewis is that he was given between $13,000 and $15,000 by an Ole Miss booster to play for the Rebels.