Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware has never been one to hold back. His emotional speech after winning the College Football Playoff National Championship was so amped that it probably inspired others to run through a wall for him. It's also quite clear that he has strong feelings about, um, "checking someone else's oil" on the field. He's developed a reputation, fair or not, of being a dirty player. But he's always been outspoken in defending himself and his team.

Well, he might have outdone himself this time.

Boulware posted a picture of a new national championship trophy tattoo located on his Achilles. Why is it there? That can be explained by a passage from ESPN analyst Desmond Howard, who previously called Clemson's linebackers the defense's Achilles heel following the Florida State game.

Clemson has had fun firing back at doubters. Following the national championship win over Alabama, coach Dabo Swinney had some words for Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd, who previously called Clemson a "fraud."

Cowherd said what he said for entertainment purposes. He basically admitted as much. And there's a fine line of just how low you can go with those types of comments when it comes to college athletes. Swinney had every right to lambaste Cowherd for that.

What Howard said was the furthest thing from a hot take. It was analysis, and analysis is not always going to be positive. Though Clemson beat Florida State 37-34, Seminoles running back Dalvin Cook rushed for 169 yards and four touchdowns, much of it through the Tigers' linebackers.

Still, Boulware used those comments for a chip to put on his shoulder, and it worked in his favor.