There are many traditions in sports and one of the biggest ones in football a Gatorade bath following a big win. We've all seen it. As time expires, a few players sneak up behind the head coach and toss the barrel filled with the sports drink on their heads. There are even prop bets over what color the drink will be in major games. 

It seems like Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart was not prepared for the experience. 

After the Bulldogs' 26-14 Sugar Bowl win over Baylor at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Georgia's Latavious Brini and Ameer Speed startled their coach and rushed up to soak him with the energy drink. 

I'll give it to him, it was a rather aggressive Gatorade bath, and while I have never personally been soaked by the beverage, it definitely seems like it would be a bit sticky and cold, but after a big win... who cares.

Smart thought he got away with his clothes remaining dry as he ran up to meet opposing head coach Matt Rhule, but he was not safe.

He was visibly shocked by the whole thing and was hoping around like crazy, possibly in attempt to shake all the Gatorade off. He was jumping so much I was worried he was going to tear an ACL.

He went to yell at the ones responsible for the bath, but luckily for them they were already gone. 

Next time, he will probably be more prepared for what happens after a huge win.