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Jake Paul's July 20 clash with heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson is officially a licensed professional bout. Most Valuable Promotions confirmed Monday that the fight "will officially be a sanctioned, professional fight by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations."

The bout between Paul, the 27-year-old social media influencer-turned-boxer, and Tyson, a 57-year-old former heavyweight champion, has drawn plenty of controversy since being announced. Paul has made a career of facing mostly athletes seen as past their prime, from former NBA star Nate Robinson to a host of former UFC fighters. In facing Tyson, who has not fought a sanctioned professional bout since 2005, Paul has taken that act further than previously.

While Paul vs. Tyson is a sanctioned fight, it won't be contested under standard rules.

Rather than the standard three-minute rounds for men's boxing matches, Paul vs. Tyson will be contested over eight, two-minute rounds. The gloves used by the fighters will also be larger than normal, weighing 14 ounces.

"After the contract was signed, we got a call from Mike's team and they were like, 'Hey, he wants it to be a pro fight for sure," Paul said at the introductory press conference in May. "He wants that. He wants to put it all on the line.' I respect Mike for that and if he wanted it to be that, then let's run it."

"I wanted the shorter rounds because I wanted more action," Tyson said. "If we only have two minutes, we'll fight more."

While Tyson hasn't fought professionally since 2005, he did have an exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr. in 2020. Tyson looked good that night, which was "scored" by three guest judges, who ruled the fight a split draw, though the legitimacy of those scorecards can certainly be called into question.

Unlike the Jones fight, the fight with Paul will count on Tyson's professional record, which currently stands at 50-6.