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Calais Campbell has seen his fair share of quarterbacks over the course of his 15 years in the NFL. But no one, apparently, has ever asked to be hit harder than the Patriots' Mac Jones. Admitting that defensive linemen tend to go easier on established, friendlier QBs, Campbell told reporters this week that Jones is a notable exception thanks to "disrespectful" trash talk.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes initially hinted on Netflix's "Quarterback" series that defenders will soften their hits on signal-callers who are "nice." Campbell agreed, per ESPN, saying the reigning Super Bowl MVP "let the cat out of the bag." But the longtime Cardinals defensive lineman, who signed with the Falcons this year, believes Jones crosses the line when chirping at opponents.

"(Longtime Chargers QB) Philip Rivers was a good trash talker," Campbell explained, "but he was never disrespectful. Mac Jones actually, he was kind of disrespectful. I'm like, 'Hold on, man.' (It was) just trash talk to the highest level."

This isn't the first time Jones, the Patriots' 2021 first-round draft pick, has been targeted for his on-field conduct. Visibly frustrated on the sidelines during New England's offensive struggles in 2022, he notably drew criticism from team legend Vince Wilfork for "throwing a fit and a temper tantrum." Coach Bill Belichick was reportedly also incensed by Jones' response to last season's struggles.

Campbell does have some positive examples of QBs interacting with D-linemen, citing former Colts star Andrew Luck as especially friendly, while also mentioning Mahomes and new Jets QB Aaron Rodgers.