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Patrick Mahomes is focused on the San Francisco 49ers, but his knowledge of football history was tested during Super Bowl LVIII's opening night. Mahomes and reporter Jeremiah Fennell swapped picks as both created all-time teams. The one stipulation was that neither could pick current members of the Chiefs

Mahomes' first pick was Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell who, like Mahomes, played college football in the state of Texas. Mahomes was then asked to pick his all-time receivers. He went first with Randy Moss before going with former teammate and current Dolphins star Tyreek Hill. Hill was integral in Mahomes' first Super Bowl win back in 2019; the two hooked up on a huge third-down completion late in Super Bowl LIV that jump-started the Chiefs' come-from-behind win over the 49ers. 

Mahomes may have surprised some when he then went with current Bengals wideout Ja'Marr Chase. While Chase is certainly very good, Mahomes had a host of Hall of Famers to pick from. His decision to pick Chase speaks to both Chase's ability as well as Mahomes' respect for him.

Outside of Joe Burrow, Mahomes knows better than anyone how good Chase is. Chase, after all, has made several huge plays against the Chiefs in recent years that includes the previous two AFC title games. Chase's heroics in the 2021 AFC title game contributed to the Bengals' upset win. 

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Since he couldn't pick Travis Kelce, Mahomes selected Rob Gronkowski as his all-time tight end. Like Chase, Gronkowski also played an integral role in an AFC title game that Mahomes and the Chiefs didn't win. 

Check out the video below to see who else Mahomes included on his all-time team. 

As far as Mahomes is concerned, his name would probably come up on a lot of people's all-time list. Just 28 years old, Mahomes is one win away from becoming only the fifth starting quarterback to win three Super Bowls.