Every NFL player wants to score touchdowns, but perhaps none want to do it more than offensive linemen. They don't get very many chances, so they've got to take advantage of the opportunity whenever it arises -- even if that opportunity involves committing and illegal touching penalty. 

That's what Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Robert Hunt had happen on Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens

With the Dolphins facing third down and goal inside the Baltimore 10-yard line, Tua Tagovailoa dropped back to attempt a screen pass. There was heavy pressure on Tua as he lofted the ball out to the right side of the line... where Hunt was waiting to catch the pass.

Hunt -- who is 6-foot-6 and weighs 327 pounds -- rumbled, bumbled, stumbled all the way to the end zone for what would have been a touchdown... if only Hunt were an eligible receiver on the play.

Unfortunately, Hunt plays right guard. He was not, in fact, an eligible receiver. The pass was pretty clearly intended for running back Myles Gaskin, but it never made its way to Gaskin's hands. Hunt made an incredibly athletic play that will unfortunately be lost to history, because it never even counted.