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Aaron Rodgers is fast approaching his anticipated prime-time debut as the Jets' new quarterback. In the meantime, the star signal-caller returned to TV on Tuesday for the final episode of this year's "Hard Knocks," HBO and NFL Films' annual training camp series.

While Rodgers took more of a back seat in this one, at least in terms of on-field material, he still managed to steal the show with a mid-episode dive into -- wait for it -- UFO stories. Never one to shy away from conspiracy theories and the like, the former MVP spared no detail in a recollection of events that allegedly occurred almost two decades ago:

So it's 2005, I was getting ready for the draft, and I was out in New York (with college friend and teammate) Steve Levy. We had this great dinner at his house in Jersey, I was making my way to bed -- I had like a 5 a.m. wakeup -- and as I was getting down to bed, I heard this alarm in the distance going off. And it just didn't seem, like, normal (and) I heard some rustling downstairs.

Steve and his brother and I walked outside, and up in the clouds, we heard this sound and saw this tremendously large object moving through the sky. It was like a scene out of 'Independence Day' where the ships are coming into the atmosphere and creating this kind of explosion-type fire in the sky. We just saw this incredibly large object and froze, as anybody would. We didn't know what the hell was going on.

And eventually it was out of sight. And nobody said a word. We just stood frozen, the three of us on the front stoop of Steve's house. And about 30 seconds later we heard the real recognizable sound of fighter jets ... that seemed to be chasing this object. We just stood there in disbelief. That got me into researching more about UFOs. ... Whatever the hell it was, I don't know. But it was definitely unidentified, it was definitely flying, and it was definitely a large object.

There you have it, folks. Rodgers isn't just the Jets' new QB. He's also a newly public believer in whatever may be roaming the skies. Fans won't be able to get anymore of his insights on the matter via "Hard Knocks," as the show is wrapped up for 2023. But they can watch Rodgers hurl the ball into the skies when New York kicks off its season on Monday, Sept. 5.