DaVante Adams is a six-time Pro Bowler, a two-time NFL receiving touchdowns leader who's been voted first-team All-Pro three times. Earning the accolades Adams has is certainly no easy feat for most wide receivers, yet Adams, 30, feels one younger player is on the path to similar success.

The Las Vegas Raiders star went on the "I AM ATHLETE" podcast and said Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb has a lot of the qualities Adams sees in himself.

"People compare a lot of dudes to me as they come into the league and stuff," Adams said. "There's a guy that's younger than me: CeeDee Lamb. I like CeeDee Lamb a lot. I'm not picking it off of just the most attractive and what people want to hear. And if you watch the way CeeDee plays and I think he's going to keep growing. ... He reminds me of myself a lot as far as the way he moves.

Adams said he spoke to Lamb and advised the fourth-year player to keep up the good work and stay consistent.

"I talked to him [Lamb] this offseason a couple times and I said, 'Bro, just keep doing what you're doing. Keep staying on what you're on right now, because this is going to give you the type of credit and respect that you deserve moving forward," Adams said. "You just have to keep doing it and putting something behind it." 

Lamb is happy with where his game is at right now, according to Adams, and the Raiders star agrees. Adams says if Lamb stays on this trajectory he will get more credit from those in the NFL world as his career unfolds.

"The more he continues to do and get better, he's going to get a lot more respect," Adams said. 

Adams spent the majority of his career With the Green Bay Packers before joining the Raiders in 2022. He was a second-round pick in 2014. Lamb was drafted by the Cowboys with the No. 17 overall pick in 2020.

In his first year in the league, Adams had 38 receptions for 446 yards with three touchdowns in 16 games, and comparatively Lamb had 74 receptions for 935 yards and five touchdowns in 16 games during his rookie year.

In their second years in the league, Lamb had 79 receptions for 1,102 yards and six touchdowns, while Adams had 50 receptions for 483 yards and one touchdowns. Last season Lamb finished with 107 receptions for 1,359 yards and nine touchdowns, while Adams recorded 75 receptions for 997 yards and 12 touchdowns in his third season.

Adams has improved in many categories as the years went on, and so far the story is the same for Lamb.