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It's déjà vu all over again for Dalvin Cook. Just like last year, the offseason is in full swing and the running back does not yet have a team. The 28-year-old has not said he will retire, though that day certainly seems to be inching closer.

In August of 2023, Cook signed with the New York Jets, appearing in 15 games for the team, but starting just one. The Jets and Cook parted ways in January and after going unclaimed on waivers, he signed with the Baltimore Ravens. In their Divisional Round playoff game, he had eight carries for 23 yards. 

He went from starting 17 games in 2022 with the Minnesota Vikings, the team he has spent most of his career with, to the one start with the Jets. The dropoff was in part due to New York's starting running back Breece Hall taking most of the snaps and also due to what the team felt they could get out of the veteran.

Despite those doubting his abilities going forward, Cook maintains that he still has more in the tank. He turned his lack of playing time in 2023 as a positive, saying that makes him even more ready to go in 2024.

"I've got it all," Cook said (via KPRC). "The tools are still here. I didn't really get no reps last year. So, the legs are fresh, so the resume speaks for itself. I'm still Dalvin Cook. I'm still that guy. For me, I don't like to toot my own horn. I just like to go out there, put my helmet on and line up on the grass."

Cook says he has been "taking calls" and like last year, is waiting for someone to give him that next opportunity.

"Just really focusing on myself," Cook said on his current status. "Getting ready for training camp, getting ready for what's coming up next. For me, like you said, patience is the key. Right now the only thing I'm really focusing on is getting myself in tip-top shape to really tote the rock come the fall."

He finished last year with career lows in rushes (67), rushing yards (214), rushing yards-per-carry (3.2), touchdowns (0), receiving yards (78) and percentage of offensive snaps (21 percent).

His production, or lack thereof, last season does not help his case when looking for a new team, but he does have a history of being dominant with Minnesota. He had four consecutive seasons of over 1,000 rushing yards from 2019 to 2022.

Cook is viewing last year as a "learning curve," noting that "patience is the key." 

"… so let's just stay ready and stay confident, it's going to explode," he added. 

With the draft and free agency frenzy behind us, teams are starting to take shape and will likely wait to see how their offenses form before determining whether they need to add another running back. If and when a deal comes, Cook says he will be ready. 

"Yeah, you always have to be prepared for the opportunity," Cook said. "For me, I'm a veteran in the league. I know what it takes to be successful in this league. I know who Dalvin Cook is and I know how I want to perform and what I want to do. Like you said, stay ready so you ain't got to get ready."

Many free agent running backs have already found a new home this offseason, including Saquon Barkley (Philadelphia Eagles), Josh Jacobs (Green Bay Packers), Derrick Henry (Baltimore Ravens), Tony Pollard (Tennessee Titans), D'Andre Swift (Chicago Bears) and Austin Ekeler (Washington Commanders). 

There are not many options at running back left in free agency. Melvin Gordon, Kareem Hunt, Brandon Bolden and Jerick McKinnon are among those running backs that are still waiting for their landing spot.