The Cowboys don’t rank their players from 1 to 53 now that the roster is at the appropriate limit.

But it’s safe to say QB Stephen McGee is likely right at No. 53. Earlier in the day Friday, sources at Valley Ranch said McGee would likely be released. And there were even some mild trade talks around the league for his services.

But when the dust settled and the Cowboys officially turned in their 23 cuts to the NFL office before the 8 p.m. (CDT) deadline, McGee wasn’t included.

That doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods just yet. The Cowboys will be scouring the waiver wire and appear to be on the lookout for a tight end, especially one ready to play this week against the Giants, assuming Jason Witten (lacerated spleen) doesn't play.

Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys at least look at available wide receivers and compare them to the trio of youngsters that made the team -- Cole Beasley, Andre Holmes and Dwayne Harris, along with incumbent third receiver Kevin Ogletree.

If the Cowboys claim a player off waivers, it could be McGee that gets released, or possibly an interior lineman such as Derrick Dockery or David Arkin. With the Cowboys trading for versatile veteran lineman Ryan Cook on Friday, he could make either Dockery or Arkin expendable.

It’s believed around Valley Ranch that coach Jason Garrett pushed hard to keep McGee. A former NFL quarterback and sometimes a third quarterback in his own right, Garrett has told reporters the past two weeks just how much the team “values the quarterback position” and didn’t seem comfortable having just Tony Romo and Kyle Orton.

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