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The Dallas Cowboys have been so dominant through the first two weeks of the season that they're now on the cusp of making NFL history. 

The Cowboys rolled in Week 1 with a 40-0 victory over the Giants. Dallas then followed that up in Week 2 with a 30-10 win over the Jets. This week, the Cowboys will be facing the Cardinals and if they pull off another blowout, there's a good chance they'll make NFL history. 

If the Cowboys score 30 or more on Arizona this week while surrendering 10 points or less, they'll become the first NFL team ever to pull off that feat through the first three games of a season. 

Through two weeks, the Cowboys have been historically dominant. By outscoring the Jets and Giants 70-10 in the first two weeks, they became just the fifth team in NFL history to score 70 or more points in the first two weeks while surrendering 10 points or fewer (The Cowboys joined the 1966 Oilers, 1967 Raiders, 1970 Lions and 2019 Patriots). 

If the Cowboys do blow out the Cardinals, they would also set the NFL record for point differential through the first three weeks in the Super Bowl era. Right now, that record belongs to the 1968 Cowboys, who outscored their opponents by 99 points over the first three weeks. To break that record, the Cowboys would have to beat the Cardinals by 40 on Sunday, which would be tough to do, considering Arizona's two losses this season have come by an average of 3.5 points per game. 

Even if the Cowboys can't break the record, they could end up at second all time on the list if they win by 30 points, which definitely seems more realistic. There are four NFL teams that have outscored their opponents by 89 points through three weeks with the most recent one coming in 2019 when the Patriots did it. 

Although the Cowboys were hit by a stroke of bad luck this week when Trevon Digs was lost for the year due to an ACL tear, that might not end up being a total backbreaker for the defense and you can read about why here