If you're looking for irony involving the Commanders, look no further than how Dan Quinn wears his hat. The new Commanders coach routinely wears a backward hat, which was apparently a direct violation of one of Eric Bieniemy's chief rules during his one season as Washington's offensive coordinator. 

"Last year, I was not allowed to wear my hat backwards [in the building]. So that's a little fun fact there," Commanders offensive lineman Sam Cosmi recently told The Washington Post. "That was something that we as players, offensive side, we weren't allowed to wear our hat backwards."

They certainly can now, given Bieniemy's departure (he is now the offensive coordinator at UCLA) and the arrival of Quinn, whose usual choice of wardrobe includes a backward hat, a pair of Air Jordans, and a shirt that includes some sort of slogan. 

"I respect people's individuality and things that mean something to them," Quinn said. "So whether it's a hairstyle or no facial hair -- like, all the rules that we've all heard throughout our life, I don't necessarily see it that way. I like that people are unique and different.

"I don't want everybody to wear their hat like me. They don't have to. Part of what makes being in a locker room fun [is] different tastes, music or cars, or whatever they like. If it's all the same, it's not as fun. I embrace [that] people are unique and they have special ways that they do things. To me, that's okay, as long as it's in the team."

Quinn has quickly been embraced by his new players, who are hoping to move up the NFL's food chain this season after finishing last in the NFC East in 2023. The 53-year-old is fresh off of a successful run as Cowboys defensive coordinator. Quinn is embarking on his second go-around as an NFL head coach after leading the Falcons to the Super Bowl in 2016. 

"He was always a very supportive coach," center Tyler Biadasz, who followed Quinn from Dallas to Washington, recently told USA Today. "To really see him control a team and express himself even more and open up, it's been great, just him really showing who he is as a person. And he's real. The biggest thing about him is that he's real. I think the energy speaks for itself that we have right now, for sure."