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New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers missed Tuesday's mandatory minicamp and he's planning to skip even more as the veteran won't be attending the team's mandatory minicamp all week, according to The Athletic. The absences are not excused, according to Robert Saleh, who said Rodgers had a previously scheduled event that is "important to him." The veteran will now be subject to a fine due to the missed sessions. 

Rodgers is subject to $16,953, $33,908, and $50,855 in fines for missing all three days, totaling $101,716.

The missed practice was no surprise to Saleh, but a previous conversation about the quarterback missing time does not warrant the absence to be labeled as "excused."

"Aaron and I spoke before OTAs started. He's been very good in communication. He's been here the entire time. It's unexcused, but he had an event that was very important to him, which he communicated," Saleh said on Tuesday, after Rodgers' first missed practice. 

The event Rodgers is attending instead of being present at team activities hasn't been made known by Saleh or the Jets.

Rodgers was in the building earlier this week. On Monday, he had his physical and participated in photo day. Rodgers was present for OTAs and other team activities, so the missed days of practice appears to be an isolated situation.

The team had two unexcused absences on Tuesday; Rodgers and defensive end Haason Reddick, who is believed to want a new contract.