UPDATE: According to a report, the NBA has rescinded the technical.


Unless LeBron James protested this call so fast that no one even saw it, against the Bobcats on Tuesday he was called for one of the strangest technical fouls you'll ever see.

Late in the first half, LeBron bulldozed the lane and trucked a waiting Gerald Henderson. Probably in an effort to draw attention to the contact, LeBron kind of threw his head back and his arms up as Henderson sprawled to the floor.

Evidently referee Marat Kogut interpreted that as LeBron pushing Henderson (I guess) and ran in to call a technical on James.

LeBron's reaction said it all. Typically a pretty mild-mannered player on the court in terms of protesting calls, LeBron was extremely demonstrative. Erik Spoelstra also made his voice heard, picking up a technical on his own while arguing the call.

I think this might be the first technical in NBA history called for someone just being bigger, stronger and faster than everyone else. Finally, the NBA is recognizing that LeBron is unfair and so they're trying to do something about it.