Sixers wanted Maynor. (Getty Images)

The Philadelphia 76ers are enjoying a fantastic season from point guard Jrue Holiday after signing the fourth-year player to a four-year, $41 million contract extension in October. 

He's averaging career highs in points, assists and rebounds, and he is shooting a career-best 45 percent from the field. Any doubts of him living up to his new contract that could be worth roughly $46 million with "reachable" incentives have been quickly put to rest, but that doesn't mean he doesn't need help on the court or a break from running the team.

The Sixers have struggled to find an acceptable backup point guard option with Maalik Wayns (recently waived) and Royal Ivey both providing minutes behind Holiday, but not really doing the job. This reportedly led to the Sixers trying to pluck backup point guard Eric Maynor away from the Oklahoma City Thunder. John Mitchell of the Philadelphia Inquirer tweeted:

According to a source with the knowledge of the situation, the Sixers explored a trade for OKC guard Eric Maynor.

Maynor is coming off of an ACL tear in January 2012 and has really struggled to regain the form that made him such a valuable backup point guard before his injury. He's shooting just 30.6 percent from the field and has a player-efficiency rating of just 7.6, well below the averaging PER rating of 15. 

Looking at the contracts of players on the two teams, the options the Sixers would have to offer in a straight up deal would be Maynor for Kwame Brown or Maynor for Lavoy Allen. They could also package Arnett Moultrie and Damien Wilkins for Maynor. 

I, for one, am shocked the Thunder didn't push for Kwame Brown here.