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Garrett Ellwood

Victor Wembanyama is a hybrid between Kristaps Porzingis, Rudy Gobert and Kevin Durant. Scoot Henderson's game is a blend of Collin Sexton and Russell Westbrook. Brandon Miller is Jabari Smith Jr. if Jabari Smith Jr. had more wiggle and shake to his game.

OK, so maybe player comparisons for 2023 NBA Draft prospects are a little more difficult than just a name-drop, especially without context added. Let's be real: Each player has nuances within their game that make one-to-one comparisons -- or even several comparisons -- nearly impossible to line up squarely. So as I drop comps for the top 10 players today, I only ask that you consider the context offered below. Put on your imagination glasses, if you will, and squint real hard to see specific details of a player's game as opposed to the totality of the player themself. 

OK, now let's dive right into these. The order below is the order in which I rank them on my own personal Big Board. You can find my latest rankings of the top 100 prospects at this link here.

1. Victor Wembanyama

Pro comp: Kristaps Porzingis' size, Rudy Gobert's shot-blocking, Kevin Durant's wiggle

You know you're a special prospect when you get not one, not two, but three different players in your comp section. But the truth here is that Wembanyama is an incomparable player. Standing 7-foot-4 with an 8-foot wingspan, Giannis Antetokounmpo (!) thinks he's a unique prospect and LeBron James thinks he's an alien. I think he's simply the best prospect in the class and the best prospect we've seen in several decades. ... since LeBron.

2. Scoot Henderson

Pro comp: Collin Sexton's competitiveness, Russell Westbrook's athleticism

Me, when going into the players comps story: Do not, under any circumstances, compare prospects to future Hall of Famers.

Me, after watching six minutes of tape on Scoot Henderson: This dude is a mix of Russell Westbrook!

Yes, I know, I know: Guilty.

Henderson has the athletic pop that is at least in the same ballpark as Westbrook and the competitive fire of both him and Collin Sexton, two players famous -- or infamous -- for being fiery on the court. 

3. Brandon Miller

Pro comp: Playmaking Jabari Smith Jr.

6-foot-9 combo wings who can create their own offense and shoot near 40% from 3 as the No. 1 option as a teenage freshman ... for an Alabama team that was top 10 in the country? Yeah, those are hard to come by. He profiles similarly to 2022 top-three pick Jabari Smith Jr., who was also a good shooter but more of a spot-up threat than Miller, who has shown to be a dynamic offensive weapon.

4. Amen Thompson

Pro comp: 99th percentile athlete version of Dejounte Murray

Unorthodox shooting mechanics aside, Thompson has one of the highest ceilings of players eligible in this year's class with a rare blend of athleticism and playmaking. The jumper is a question mark that lingers after two seasons with Overtime Elite, but he has the physical tools and frame to develop into an All-Star.

5. Cam Whitmore

Pro comp: Miles Bridges

Similar to Miles Bridges when he came out of Michigan State, Whitmore is an explosive, above-the-rim wing who was miscast as a top option but has the game to be a do-it-all, role-playing wing with star power at the NBA level. Whitmore averaged 12.5 points and shot 34.3% from 3 as a freshman at Villanova. He's had one of the best pre-draft processes among lottery talents, positioning him to potentially hear his name called as early as No. 4 on draft night. 

6. Ausar Thompson

Pro comp: Andrew Wiggins

Long seen as the second-best prospect between him and his twin, Amen, Ausar had more assists per game last season than his brother and developed into a more natural scorer with Overtime Elite, too. He brings playmaking upside and scoring punch as a potential top-five pick who can be a difference-maker on both ends when engaged.

7. Jarace Walker

Pro comp: Thomas Bryant ... but better (much, much better)

Talk about players for whom comps are hard to find! Walker has a similar frame and college profile as Bryant did, but he's a much more well-rounded prospect who projects to be a more impactful NBA player to boot. He's a combo forward with real skill as a playmaker who can stretch the floor, play physical as a rebounder and second-chance creator and star as a defensive hound.

8. Anthony Black

Pro comp: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

This is no doubt an aspirational comparison for Black, who is still an unfinished product, but he has the defensive tools, playmaking and the long frame that remind of Gilgeous-Alexander in many aspects. If Black's jumper develops to league average, he will be an impactful connective tissue who starts for years to come.

9. Taylor Hendricks

Pro comp: Jaden McDaniels

Comparisons are difficult and bordering on impossible, but this one? This one, I like. Like Jaden McDaniels, Hendricks is a defensive monster with a long frame who will essentially be a jumbo-sized wing at the next level who can play the 3 and 4 and defend multiple positions. 

10. Gradey Dick

Pro comp: Kevin Huerter

Dick is one of the best pure shooters in this year's draft class who can make shots in a variety of ways, including off the catch spotting up, running off screens and operating as a creator in the pick-and-roll. He didn't have a huge role at Kansas on a veteran team, but his flashes in transition and as an on-ball scorer provide lots of optimism for his role in the NBA beyond just a shooting specialist.