The Suns improbable playoff push just got a little more improbable.

Grant Hill, who is 39 and a large part of Phoenix's success, is set to have his knee scoped Friday, which could sideline him for the rest of the season. Via the Arizona Republic:

A magnetic resonance imaging test on Hill's right knee revealed Thursday that he has a meniscus tear to the right knee, which underwent an arthroscopy in September to remove a loose piece of cartilage.

Hill likely will be out until at least mid-April, if not the season, but more will be known after the surgery.

If the Suns aren't in the mix in mid-April, Hill will likely just sit out. Right now, the Suns are two games out of eighth, but without Hill and not a lot of time left, that's a pretty big hurdle to jump.

Hill is averaging 10.7 points on the season, but has made his mark most defensively, guarding the opposing team's best perimeter scorer. He's done excellent work on Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and others. So without him, the Suns lose their top defender.

Hill is a free agent after the season, but he'll be 40 next season. Which is to say, his time in the NBA is limited. But hopefully this isn't the end of it for Hill. Hopefully if he's not able to come back this season, he's got one more go around left.