The buses used to transport Washington Nationals players and coaches during their World Series championship parade were spotted still decked out in the team's decals, but in a city home to team that was  long way from any celebration this year. The red buses were spotted on the streets of Philadelphia this weekend, one day after the Nationals partied in them to celebrate D.C.'s first World Series win in 95 years. 

Poor Philadelphia Phillies fans dealt with missing the playoffs earlier this year and are now being mocked with images of what could have been on their way to work. 

They could've at least taken the decals off before they hit the state line. 

The buses feature a world championship logo, an image of the Commissioner's Trophy, "Fight Finished" on the side and a baby shark on the back, of course. 

Why are Philadelphians being subjected to this abuse?

A spokeswoman from the bus company Big Bus Tours told the Washington Post that five of the 20 buses given for Saturday's parade came from the Philadelphia fleet, which explains why the buses were seen making their way back in that area. 

She also said the decals will remain on the buses for a month, meaning Phillies fans will be reminded of the Nationals' win for a few more weeks. Here are some more shots of the buses:

Bryce Harper, who got the biggest contract in MLB history after leaving the Nationals for the Phillies last offseason, did say back in the spring that they would bring a title back to D.C. Maybe this is the Nationals' way of thanking him.