Nationals outfielder Juan Soto is having a historic season as far as being teenager in the majors. During a doubleheader Tuesday in D.C., though, Braves broadcaster Joe Simpson questioned his age. Later, he seemed to take it back. Here's video of both ends: 

For those unable to watch. Here's what he said during Game 1: "If he's 19, he has certainly gotten his man growth. He is big and strong."

And here's what he said during Game 2: "If you were with us in Game 1, you might have heard me make a comment off the top of my head about 'if he's 19.' Well, he is. He's bona fide 19 and he is a full-grown man. He is strong and he is one heck of a player and you might well write his name in on the Rookie of the Year award right now." 

What changed? Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo, that's what. Rizzo tracked Simpson down between games for a little talk-to. 

"I had a definite reaction," Rizzo said, reports The Athletic. "I handled it face to face, privately with him. I believe he understood my stance on his comments."

Soto signed with the Nationals out of the Dominican Republic at age 16 in 2015. That's the minimum age for international signings. Questioning the age of an international signing is, well, questionable practice. 

Simpson's in a bit of a funk, it would appear. A few weeks ago, he went on an odd tirade against the Dodgers for some players -- namely Chase Utley -- taking batting practice in t-shirts instead of batting practice jerseys (video here). 

Simpson ended up apologizing: 

Just a quick idea as baseball tries to appeal to broader audiences and stay relevant for decades to come: Maybe complaining about things that don't matter or acting like something nefarious is up with an up-and-coming star aren't the best ways to market the game. Just a thought.